The Earthling

So my wise friend James Burton Yockey turns to me last night with the most serious look on his face & he says "I'm not an American you know. It's true. I'm in fact... an Earthling. I live in a different zone you see, but I reside on planet Earth". This is shortly before he pulls from the thick humid air a fully improvised stream of poignant philosophical thought which he kindly translates to English. It assumes the form of a beat poem. Words roll off his tongue effortlessly as if he is merely a conductor for some greater force or power with a big message for the human race. This is why I love him so. He seems quirky to others. But this is so normal to me. We love it when that rare gem of an artist, one of the non-compromising variety, travels through town & puts on a show. That's when my wise friend turns to me & says “a like-minded soul has entered the building”.


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